Tavistock Conf LO13501 -Israel July 6-11

Andre Schonberg (andre@actcom.co.il)
Sat, 3 May 1997 07:57:56 +0300

Nazareth, Galilee - Israel, July 6-11, 1997

Innovation & Change in Israeli Society- ICS
The Israel Management Center
announce the 11th Israeli International Conference
in the tradition of Tavistock experiential Conferences.

Conference Director, Verred Amitzi, M.Sc.
Organizational Consultant, Manager, Go-On Ltd.

How does power relates to authority? How can dialogue mobilize power in a
group and within an organization? What are the relationships between
authority, influence, initiative and change? What conscious and
unconscious processes shape leadership and management style ?

This conference , in the Tavistock tradition , is designed to enable
members to enhance their awareness and understanding of group
,organizational and social processes , and of their own participation in
them. The method is learning through experience and reflection. The
conference is based on the assumption that by examining and interpreting
experiences within the conference institution, members will be able to
enlarge their understanding of their own institutions and their roles in
them~.~ The experiential conference is open to all those who might benefit
from a broader understanding of Human behavior in organizational settings.
This type of Conferences is one way to implement the notion of "learning
Organization" as it is a TEMPORARY ORGANIZATION - with many characteritics
of real-life organizations - ENTIRELY DEVOTED TO LEARN ITS OWN DYNAMICS,
as it is unfolding, in real time.

The conference will be held in English and Hebrew near Nazareth, in the

Our membership typically includes executives and managers,from all sectors
of business and public and government organizations, as well as educators,
members of the helping professions, etc. The Conference being held in
Israel, usually with Jewish and Arab participation, adds a particular
dimension and richness to the unfolding events.

For further details and registration please contact
P.O.B. 822 Ra'anana 43 107 ISRAEL
Israel Tel: 972-9-743 50 97 Fax: 972-9-748 75 85


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