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Ed said -

>I led a workshop this week on self-directed workteams. The audience was
>diverse, HRD people from a health education center, other non-profits, a
>University program director,an owner of a temp agency, a retired owner of
>Asian textile companies, and HRD people from a large, food distribution
>company. A tough crowd to meet all their expectations. What was
>interesting was that at the core of their needs were issues of

Our site is large, with many facility-based organizations. We have a
number of site level service groups also. They have historically fallen
short of the expectations of the facilities, both in responsiveness and
meeting schedules.

Recently a facility manager assigned an ex site service group employee as
the scheduling coordinator between her facility and the site service
group. The performance of the site service group went up signficantly.
Now all the facilities are wanting to implement her idea.

What was the difference ? To me, it was the existing working
relationships the ex site service group employee brought with him to the


Geof Fountain

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