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Debbie Broome writes:

>I'm not convinced that the different leadership styles would inspire
>different kinds of teamwork. I think the event to which you are
>responding drives the type of teamwork far more. (snip)

and goes on to talk about situational kinds of leadership.

Teams respond differently in times of crisis and in differing situations.
And I also wonder about "team over time" -- my guess is that a team
develops a "learned style of responding" that also becomes a bit resistant
to change.

The Star Trek Team, for example, would logically develop a high level of
trust and confidence that they can get out of most difficult situations
because they have done so in the past.

What kinds of Organizational Learning occur in such a series of Episodes?
We know from the work of Zuckerman and Hatala and Ratoille (sp) and others
that some cultures need to celebrate success in order to continue to
improve. Some work environments have that esprit de corps and a solid
framework of success that failures are viewed merely as something the team
can correct (after the commercial break!). While others are marked with a
degree of paranoia ("Just because you aren't paranoid does NOT mean that
they aren't out to get you!").

In Star Trek, they keep trying ideas and solutions until one works and
they complete their mission.

In organizations?

For the FUN of It!

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