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Bill Hendry (sfidba@scfn.thpl.lib.fl.us)
Wed, 7 May 1997 15:12:17 -0400 (EDT)

Replying to LO13499 --

Debbie Broome speaks of accountability in her post.

I teach HR Management at a local univ. as well as Management workshops
that always dredge up the accountability issue. One thought I have is how
reluctant some managers and organizations are to hold people accountable
due to the plethora of labor laws that one might contend with when one
goes down the path of eventual termination (ultimate accountability? - you
are gone if your aren't).

The laws were put into place at one time for, what appear to be, good
reasons. Folks that do not want to be accountable and have few career
options and are threatened with losing their jobs (or simply being held to
a standard they can't or don't want to reach) will use the laws as a stick
or threat to keep management from taking action.

Many folks will simply ignore it or transfer the problem.


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