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Francesco Sofo (franks@education.canberra.edu.au)
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To Paul and Debbie (and other listening)

Yes, I agree that accountability comes from within; if it's not there to
start with forget it. But we have things called POLICY and procedures and
while these can be hindering at times (especially if policies are not
reviewed frequently to cater for constantly changing environments) they
can have built into them the accountability measures and processes. A
policy should at least let everyone know that this is the intended playing
field. It is up to managment to implement principles of industrial
democracy in formulating, monitoring and implementing the policies as well
as reviewing them and allowing for flexibility.

That's my little bits worth.


At 11:17 PM 6/5/97, prkosuth wrote:

>Accountability tends to come best from within, though somehow management
>must recognize and support this accountability. To want to learn is driven
>from the self but maybe this can only go so far without some supportive
>feedback from the managemnet.
>Paul Kosuth

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