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Ian Saunders (
Thu, 8 May 97 09:17 BST-1

Replying to LO13473 --

Hi Yvonne,

I developed a computer based tool for assessing competencies with a client
a couple of years ago.

It is based on 20 competencies and asks 5 questions per competence from
manager, peers and staff (i.e 360 feedback)

As a computer programme it is an 'empty box' and your competencies with
appropriate questions could be inserted.

It is (in the format in which I use it) primarily a tool for getting
feedback to managers/individuals about how they do certain things
(competencies) rather than straighforward assessment. However it provides
a lot of valuable information.

If this has stimulated a desire for more information please ask. One of
the messages suggested you are UK based. Is this so. If it is then getting
together would be easy. I am based near Newbury.

Ian Saunders
Transition Partnerships - Harnessing change for business advantage

-- (Ian Saunders)

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