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Kennealy, Tina (kenneat1@po1.net.cho.ge.com)
Thu, 8 May 1997 07:30:00 -0400

Replying to LO13520

As one of the competitors who attended Alan's Plant Study I can attest to
the fact that they do have something very special going on there. The
sense of energy and accomplishment was truly impressive. Our operation is
very similar to Alan's in size and process, although not exactly the same.
I would say that our employee population is almost identical in education
and skill level. We have been undertaking a similar reorganization -
moving literally EVERY piece of equipment in the factory and it took us
longer and interrupted our production more, because we limited the
involvement of our people and "protected" them from a challenge that they,
and we, felt might be too much for them. In looking at the two plants and
their results I would say the lesson learned is that what you expect form
your work force ( given that you provide the necessary tools and support)
is what you get. Thanks Alan for the post and the opportunity to learn
from your example at the plant study.

Tina M. Kennealy


"Kennealy, Tina (MIS, GEFanuc, NA)" <kenneat1@po1.net.cho.ge.com>

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