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> On Tue, 22 Apr 1997, Benjamin B. Compton wrote:
> >
> >> At the risk of sounding arrogant, why don't people write articles about
> >> how to teach stupid and/or lazy people how to learn? I find it remarkably
> >> refreshing when I can work with "smart people" who value learning, even if
> >> they're not concerned with organizational learning. But working with
> >> people who have no desire to learn. . .well, that drains me.
> >>
> >> Anyone know of any good stuff on how to help people with no desire to
> >> learn, learn to have a desire to learn

I heard some suggestions on the NPR radio segment where an experienced
teacher helped a newer teacher with these suggestions to tame an unruly
class where the learners were indifferent to hostile to talkative:

- talk in a normal tone, no yelling, make them have to listen more
- give an exam where the "bad" students would get at least a 90
- be more positive and enthusiastic about the subject matter
- be more interactive

Anyway it really worked and the newer teacher sounded like she had gotten
a shot in the arm and was more enthusiastic about teaching herself.



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