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Michael Gort (gort@ms.com)
Tue, 13 May 1997 01:11:38 -0400

Replying to LO13585 --

Responding to Debbie Broome:

"Michael, you responded to my earlier post that accountability meant green
eyeshades and ledgers to you. That is not my intent at all. What I am
speaking of has nothing to do with numbers, but an expectation that
employees and managers will be accountable to an organization's mission,
values and core competencies and when they are not that there will be
opportunities to correct that, and if those fail, then they can be asked
to leave the organization. I don't think every organization is a fit for
every employee."


Can you help me understand the part about how employees and managers will
be accountable to an *organization's* (emphasis added) mission, values and
core competencies? Do the mission, values and core competencies exist
outside of the individuals, as distinctly separate from them? I think
more about the mission of the organization as the sum total of the mission
of all the people in the organization. Personal accountability, I can
understand well. However, every use of the term "accountability" in large
organization's seems to be more centered about who is to blame for
something that did not happen when expected, or did happen when not

Michael Gort


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