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David Nelson (
Tue, 13 May 1997 19:11:22 -0300

There's been a thread recently around classroom that has contained some
thinking around accountability. If possible, I'd like to spin off a
separate topic on that subject. Here's the dilemma in the work-a-day

Classic management theory says accountability is the combination of
responsibility and authority (I ought to do it and I have the means.) In
the real world, responsibility is ladled about much more freely than
authority, including the authority to say "I can't do that" for whatever
reason. Be that as it may, the question that intrigues me is the creation
of "accountability." I have a clear sense of "holding accountable" when it
relates to praise or punishment ("blame" has been mentioned here in this
thread.) But are those the only options? In my real world, praise is
present, but fleeting. Reward is present but slow. And blame, with
consequences, is present but also slow. So, the question I'd like this
group's insight on, is "how do I create a positive sense of accountability
for results in the people in between." I'd welcome your thoughts,
including, if necessary, busting my paradigm of 'positive.'


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