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Doc stated...

>Many other cultures are more advanced in their listening skills than
>ours...In conversation with a learning partner tonight, we discussed invoking
>pauses of silence between one speaker and the next. The idea is that, by
>using a 30-second or 1-minute time out between speakers, an audible
>silence is created--a pause--for reflection. If used consistently within
>a group, the haste to respond, attack, create witty repartees are all

If you think about our postings on the Learning Org, we are forced to
listen more closely, have the flexibility to pause and reflect. Too
often, in a verbal conversation people feel compelled to speak without
silences. If there are silences, people think there is a lack of
communication. So people speak quickly to fill in the silence. They
think if they pause, it shows they aren't a good 'thinker'

I'm going to try Doc's approach with my learning partners.

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