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Thu, 15 May 1997 13:01:51 +1200

Hi there,

This is the first list that I have subscribed to so I'm a bit shy about
introducing myself - but anyway ...

My name is Monica Ayers, and I work at CLEAR Communications in New Zealand
(a long distance phone company in competition with the ex-government,
ex-monopoly Telecom). Up until May 1, I was a trainer in the Customer
Services Department. Then suddenly I got restructured and became a
Learning Advisor working in the Organisational Learning and Development
department and serving the whole organisation! Help .....!

I'm supposed to tell you what experience I have with learning organisation
concepts. Well easy - none. I haven't even read the 5th Discipline,
which I understand is a key text in this field! So I guess I've joined
the list to read and learn and try to come to grips with what my company
is trying to do. I may not contribute much - just sit at the feet of the
masters for a while perhaps? And if any of you masters want to give me
three simple steps to start the journey of learning about learning
organisations, please feel free!

To end with, here's a small contribution. My grandfather used to describe
the great 'aha' you get when the penny finally drops as 'the romance of
learning', which I think is a fantastic phrase. Perhaps then, my new job
title should be 'match maker'?


CLEAR Communications
New Zealand

[Host's Note: Welcome Monica! ...Rick]


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