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Thu, 15 May 97 23:53:10 PDT

Hi all:

One of my roles at school is to look system wide and to identify key
subsystems and to begin to map and understand their processes. Our school
is private, non profit for kids with learning disabilities. I have done a
good deal of mapping of the admissions and financial officces. Having
noted alot of overlap between the two (getting students, making contracts,
recievables) I think that a sit down between the two (3 with me) would be
great to understand the overalap and to mesh these two subsystems. I have
the distinct impression that there are some problems (trust ?) between the
2. Upon reviewing the %th discipline Fieldbook, I ccame upon the
accicdental adversaries arcchetype. Has anyone any working familiarity
with this ? Can it be applied to individuals (the example concerns Wal
Mart and Proctor &Gamble) ? By reviewing the maps and working along the
idea of setting up some parallel proccesses that enhancce both area's I
think that improvement can be had and maybe some learning all around --
but I have been told to expect some animosoty.

Any ideas ?

Thanks abunch,

Brehm Preparatory School
Carbondale IL


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