Why a Learning Organization? LO13630

venkatks (venkatks@future.futsoft.com)
Fri, 16 May 97 11:36:00 PDT

Learning organization is the key to what I call "Aspiration Management" of
employees and customers. Actually, all of them ask the same question: How
can I be proud of the organization I am associated with ( as a staff or
its customer)?. Pride and belonging-ness can be created only by perpetual
(mutual)value-addition. In this context, the organization need to
continually innovate processes and products. Organization design need to
follow the same goal. As newer technolgies emerge, its impact alter the
social and economic scape, changing aspirations of the society. Learning
organizations apply the needed paradigm to operate within this "framework"
of change. Afterall, adaptability is a function of newer wisdom combined
with accrued experience.

Venkatesh S Kalakkad


venkatks <venkatks@future.futsoft.com>

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