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National Seafood Sector Council (
Wed, 21 May 1997 12:24:13 -0400

The National Seafood Sector Council is pleased to announce the launch of
their new web site; . The NSSC is a new forum for the
seafood processing industry to address human resource development issues.
It is a national organization that is private sector lead, staffed by a
team of dedicated personnel. The council can assist large and small
companies, coast to coast, to meet their training needs.

The NSSC encourages training, skills upgrading, education and the
development of standard skill sets. It supports human resources strategies
that enhance the strength and economics of the Canadian seafood processing
industry, in local, and international markets. And it works in active
partnership with educational institutions and the federal and provincial

The Web Site project helps to respond to the request for easier access to
information on programs and services available to the industry. The site
also enhances awareness for the importance of the role of the seafood
processing industry plays within the Canadian economy.

John Curtin
Founding Partner, Axiomatikos
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Ottawa, ON
K1N 5C6
tel: 613.562.9610

The National Seafood Sector Council site was designed and built by
Axiomatikos Inc., with content provided by the NSSC. To find out more about
the National Seafood Sector Council visit the web site at or contact James Howard (Project Coordinator) at, or call 613.782.2391 .


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