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Carol Johnson wrote:

> Your definitions are strong. I would add "Corporate/Organizational
> Personality" to your list of issues within organizational culture. Every
> organization has one and without addressing it, you leave yourself open
> for problems.


beyond personality, organizations also exhibit features that appear
similar to most organisms. In a workshop recently, using Barry Oshry's
"Seeing Systems" methodology, the debriefing group concluded using motifs
comparing the various systems within the body to the systems within the
organization. We didn't consider temperament or personality, at the time,
but your point is well-made.

In living organisms, various treatment modalities can be described to
compensate for imbalances or dysfunctions within the body. Personality
disorders are a whole new challenge.

What would you consider as the primary source of the personality within an
organization? Is it most reflective of the governance element (board,
CEO, senior management group)? Does it get formed by the structure of the

Too many questions, too little time. Thanks for your contribution!

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