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Brock Vodden (brock.vodden@mur.odyssey.on.ca)
Mon, 26 May 1997 09:55:36 -0400

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BTW, I have an Einstein story which you might enjoy. Professor John
Irving, a philosophy teacher of mine told this personal story to his

John Irving was visiting professor at Princeton in the late 1940's, the
same time that Einstein was there. Dr. Einstein had invited Irving to come
to his house for a visit one Sunday afternoon. Irving decided to take his
eight-year-old son with him.

After the initial greetings, Einstein opened a conversation with the young
boy. Irving was astounded at the way that Einstein could explain the most
complex ideas in the simplest terms that were understandable by the
eight-year-old and instructive at the same time to the boy's father. They
had a lengthy conversation which ranged across the entire universe. When
the visit concluded, Einstein saw his two guests to the door. As they were
walking down the street, Irving's son said, "You know, Dad, that old man
is pretty smart!"

Brock Vodden


Brock Vodden <brock.vodden@mur.odyssey.on.ca>

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