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Tue, 27 May 1997 12:54:06 -0400

Two important notices for the OMT group:

1. On Saturday August 9, the OMT division presents the first of a new
series captured under the heading "OMT discussions with Eminent Scholars."
This year's session is called "OMT Conversations with Eminent Scholars: An
Organizational Diagnosis Seminar with Harry Levinson." Joining Harry
Levinson will be Mark Peterson, Karl Weick Hamid Bouchikhi and Fred

I think some of you may want to attend this special one day session. A
descriptive similar to that in the AOM conference schedule is reprinted
below. It will be an interactive session with round tables and live
cases. Of course Harry's clinical approach will be featured, along with
presentations by the other scholars. It is also a good chance to interact
with Harry Levinson, who just had his 75th birthday, and is going strong.
If any of you have more questions, respond to me at .

The general outcome(s) of the session should be:
-a general working knowledge of how to perform organizational diagnosis
-an understanding of other issues and techniques implicitly related to
organizational diagnosis (org. identity, sensemaking, storytelling, etc.)
-possible generation of other theory related to organizational diagnosis
-a feel for other levels of analysis on which the diagnostic techniques
might be used
-development of data interpretation and researcher/organization interaction
-"things you might not be aware of but which are critically important to
note when performing organizational diagnosis."
-researchers/consultants with difficult live cases may submit them and get
expert help on how to proceed or interpret the events and data they have

2. I am soliciting short cases from both academics and consultants to be
used during the session. If you (or your research team) are involved in
research or consulting and have a unique situation, or one that has been
difficult to diagnose, you may submit a summary of the case, and we may
work on it as a group at the session. Live cases provide the most
interesting topic for discussion. Because this is an interactive session,
it is your chance to get some additional advise from other experts on your
research or consulting situation. You will be notified in advance if your
case is likely to be used, and whether it will be attended to in the
morning or afternoon portions of the session.

Saturday, August 9, 1997

8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
OMT Conversations with Eminent Scholars:
An Organizational Diagnosis Seminar with Harry Levinson.

Sponsored by OMT
Pre-Registration Suggested

Mark Meckler Florida Atlantic University

Harry Levinson Chairman, The Levinson Institute
Clinical Professor Emeritus, Harvard Medical School

Karl Weick University of Michigan
Mark Peterson Florida Atlantic University
Hamid Bouchikhi ESSEC, France
Fred Foulkes Boston University

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