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wohlert wrote:

> My name is Kathy Wohlert. I am an Asst. Professor in the College of
> Business at UT San Antonio. I have recently become interested in the
> generic topic of "learning organizations". Specifically, my interest is
> in knowledge management. You mentioned to Shane that he needed to do his
> homework. I'd appreciate it if you could direct me to some web sites so
> that I can expand my knowledge base.

Hello Kathy,

I'm always doing my homework--and always seem to be just a little less
knowledgeable than the next person.

Now, I've found LOTS of sites that are quite useful as org. learning
resources--but one of the better ones is:


I've bookmarked about 30 or more websites, and I'd be glad to share them
with you if you want (e-mail me).

[Host's Note: Doc, do you want to just copy your list of bookmarks into a
msg to the list? ...Rick]


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