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Thomas Benjimin wrote: Cliff Hamilton wrote,"Writers such as Peters et al
are discussing fringes of the whole .........Living organisation is the
elephant." (snip)

I hope I said "fragments" rather than "fringes"- I'll check my original
post. "Parts" would mean much the same. "Fringes" is not synonymous with
what I meant - sorry.

Peters, Senge, Bridges, et al. are indeed making wonderfully useful
contributions to the organizations (and many other) fields. Their works
are not fringes at all but illuminate protions of the main. I still
believe they are providing useful understanding about only parts of the
whole, however. (Which is not a criticism. All learning contributions are
valuable. Smaller pieces may be the best and most successful way to sell
to clients and the public.) The whole is a lot to grasp - in the same way
that scientists are struggling to understand the self-replicating sets of
chemical systems which make up even the very smallest and most simple
entity of biological life.

I'm still glad to provide hard copy of the Living Organizations model. As
I explained in my post, the model is partially in matrix form and does not
lend itself to email transmission. I'll be glad to fax or mail it.
Please just confirm a mailing address of fax number.

Best wishes,

Cliff Hamilton <>
Progressive Visions

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