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Peter Block has called the annual performance appraisal an artifact of a
colonial culture. Peter Scholtes wrote an article in the National
Productivity Review, Summer 1993, v12, titled Total Quality or performance
appraisals: choose one, which expounds on Demings' stance on these mostly
useless processes. I found it on the Montgomery County (Maryland) Public
Library electronic bulletin board.


On Wed, 28 May 1997, Martin Wood wrote:

> Bob's memory serves him well. Gerry Johnson at Cranfield developed the
> "cultural web". There is an explanation in the book he co-authored with
> Kevan Scholes: "Exploring Coprorate Strategy" (Prentice Hall). This, in
> turn, points to an article in the journal "Long Range Planning" vol 25,no
> 1 (1992) entitled "Managing strategic change: strategy, culture and
> action".


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