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Thu, 22 May 1997 19:54:19 +0100

Dear Orglearners,

I hope not to many of you find the figure I will draw too limping, but


The Spice Girls are a brilliant product of a LO, in this case some company
of the music industry. This LO (whoever it is) learned from their
customer. The figured the customers' desires and fulfilled it. They
created a pop group, which gives a lot of people the music they like, a
lot the musicians they like and a lot of people a topic they love to talk,
read and write about (there was even an articel in "The Economist").

Is that good enough?

The dialog concerning LO included much ethical and moral statements. Can
a LO be a LO without a decent product (or output), whether this is a
company or any other organisation (whether or not the Spice Girls are a
decent product may be open to discussion, they might very well be one).

And furthermore, is the customer always right? I guess not. Considering
transnational institutions (e.g. the catholic church, oil companies..),
global sourcing and so on, can governments still regulate what is decent
or not (not does they always do, but at lest they claim it). If not, who

[Host's Note: The "Spice Girls" are a musical group... Apparently a
pretty popular group. ...Rick]

(^ ^)

Are those questions just naive?
All the best
Thomas Struck
University of Birmingham, United Kingdom


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