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Mike Jay (Quarterback@msn.com)
Sun, 1 Jun 97 19:12:57 UT

Replying to LO13788 --

Stever said:

>Maybe there are other ways of advancing/changing ones job, but face
>it--in a Taco Bell with a 1:100 manager/front-line worker fan out ratio,
>just statistically, 99% of the jobs are taco-flipping. If 100 of those
>taco-flippers reach a stage in their job development where they have the
>skills to do more, there simply isn't room for all those skills to be

Stever, et al,

As of late, Taco Bell's mgmt has reconsidered their ratios and has added
many more managers reducing their span of control. It would be nice if
someone close to the situation could share with us the generic effects of
their "experience." Apparently, through their action, their is an
admission that the higher spans of control failed to function as intended,
I don't know.



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