We've lost all compuserve readers... LO13813

Richard Karash (rkarash@karash.com)
Mon, 2 Jun 1997 22:51:00 -0400 (EDT)

I believe that, as a result of a change in policy at compuserve, none of
our compuserve subscribers are getting learning-org mail. I have been in
touch with several to confirm this and it appears to be the case.

Here's what seems to be happening: my tech support people here at my
vendor (world.std.com) think that compuserve is blocking all mail which
is directed to multiple addresses (more than a few) at compuserve. They
are doing so to combat unsolicited junk email, but the effect is to kill
mailing lists for compuserve accounts.

Until this can be changed, we probably won't be hearing much from several
of our frequent contributors.

-- Rick

p.s. If you are on compuserve and get this msg, please let me know.

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