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Mnr AM de Lange wrote:

> Many of you, dear organlearners, advise organisations on how to prepare
> themselves for the future. Do you also advise them how to prepare
> themselves for the inevitable fall of capitalism? Do you advise them on
> how to keep on living after such a fall?
> Please try to see that the car's fuel tank is almost empty, that its
> battery is almost flat and that ist air filter is clogged up. To keep on
> pushing that car forward once it has run out of life, is utter madness.


thanks for your posting. As I've said, I'm interested in seeing your
hypothesis fully developed.

Just a comment on the last part of your posting--

Drucker's 1989 book "The New Realities" spoke at length about the demise
of capitalism. His point was that it's already becoming obsolete and a
new age opening upon us. An historian and philosopher by the name of John
Tarnas, writing in "The Passion of the Western Mind" said that western and
eastern minds are synthesizing to develop a new outlook. And, my favorite
thinker, Ortega y Gasset, wrote and lectured volumes about the crisis that
western man experienced through the transition out of the middle ages. My
point is that we're entering the threshold of a similar crisis now, and
not one of us knows for sure what lies on the other side of the threshold.
That's why creativity, innovation, new mental models and collaborative
efforts are so integral to our success in the new world which we are
creating, even through this dialog.



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" Man's destiny, then, is primarily action. We do not live to think, but the other way round: we think in order that we may succeed in surviving."

-Jose Ortega y Gasset

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