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Carol Johnson (carol_johnson@weains.com)
Thu, 05 Jun 1997 09:36:45 -0700

Clyde wrote--
>Now there is a much greater demand for those skills. We can start
>teaching them with a more reasonable expectation that the knowledge will
>be retained. This comes as people are being laid off and the real
>necessity of having this knowledge established in the organization is
>more acutely felt by all.

Sounds like "Train by Fear" to me. The principles of adult education
include creating context for the learners. I don't think "learn or lose
your job" is quite what is meant.

The PC-MAC wars have been going on for years. If you have PC techies
trying to help MAC users - you can't underestimate the unspoken,
underlying antagonism that seems to exist. By simply giving them a manual
to help them help others, you have not addressed what really comes between
the tech and the customer. They may have invalidated your efforts or
information not because they thought the information wasn't necessary but
because MAC users aren't necessary ("They'll be obsolete in a few years
anyway so why bother..." yadda, yadda, yadda, etc., etc., etc.,

Now, your staff is "seeing the light" in the glow of recent lay-offs. I'm
not convinced that should be a positive sign for you. Sure, you'll be
able to get them to regurgitate information to your customers out of a
book, but are you really giving them an opportunity to serve the
customers? Without and understanding of your business, it's goals or
objectives, I may be totally off-base.

>From my experience, it's better to have buy-in from a staff in the midst
of downsizing rather than submission.

This is simply a contribution from my "For What it's Worth" department.

Have a great day! ~CJ

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