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Gary Foreman (
Thu, 12 Jun 97 09:52

Dear Org Learners;

This is my first posting to the Learning Organization Digest. Our Company
is a small (115 Associates) precision metal job shop. We have been in
business sense 1911. In the last few year a great deal of emphases has
been placed on Continuous Improvement. I was chosen to be our Company's
Continuous Improvement Manager (with no formal education in this area).

I feel that our company is making great strides in overcoming cultural
shock and beginning to make high quality improvements. We currently have
three Improvement Teams in place, plus a Learning Team and a Guidance
Team. The three Improvement Teams are currently working on issues like:
Preventive Maintenance, Compensation, and Tooling Issues. The role of the
Learning Team is to assess and setup desired learning for the Company.
The role of the Guidance Team is to guide all the Teams in a timely
uniform direction towards the Company's Vision. I have enjoyed the
recommended reading materials that have been recommended to other Learning
Org. Subscribers and feel that they have helped me a great deal. However,
our Learning Team and Guidance Team have recently stumbled across a couple
of question where I am having a tough time answering. This is where you
come in.

Is anyone aware of any resource information, systems, or tools that will
help us to identify our unknown learning needs?

Is anyone aware of any resource information, systems, or tools that will
help us to prioritize all identified learning needs?

Thank You for your help.

Best Regards

-- (Gary Foreman)

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