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Replying to LO13949 -- was: When is LO inappropriate?

Patrick Halloran wrote:

> The workshop's members have each agreed to bring a personal mastery topic.
> We've also agreed to use the Talking Stick Circle method

> re - The " Talking Stick Circle" method...
> Richard I've not come across this expression before, could you enlighten
> me (and any others) to its use, and origins..
> also, I am currently participating in a research project, examining
> aspects of an organisation (LO ?) , particularly looking at software
> development processes and would appreciate guidance into whether this
> method of "discussion" would prove valuable?

and therein lies the story--actually I found the method while doing
internet research, at the following website:

It was written by Mr. Georg Psr, a contributor to this listing in the
past. It was through following his threads that I found this listing.

[Host's Note: It's my good friend George Por; there is an accent on the
"o" in Por. ...Rick]

Many of my friends who are in the psychotherapy business are familiar with
the method and sometimes use it, they tell me, for family counseling when
communication (as it usually is) is one of the primary problems in the

I hope the website is useful to you.


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-Carl Jung

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