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David Birren wrote:

> Replying to Ray Evans Harrell's post in "Talking Stick Circle LO13969":
> >>... We've used the stick ... for as long as we have memory. It is
> >>interesting to run into the ideas from our spiritual ways in the
> >>marketplace

> So, Ray, please have compassion for those of us who are grasping for any
> device that will help people first listen to each other, and then
> perhaps take that listening inside. I'm sure you realize how difficult

I just saw a tape of Charlie Lake (is that his name?) commenting on this
in a wry fashion. He was actually commenting on how we have (and probably
still do have) kids do "Indian" dances in school as part of a music
activity that is also supposed to be fun, involving singing, dance, and
ostensibly a bit about another culture. He noted that such things can
hurt other people; we don't seem to realize that many of those dances are
religious ceremonies.

He then put it in this context: how would we like it if Native Americans
picked up Christian religious ceremonies or artifacts and used them in a
secular setting (he used crossing himself and one other similar action as
part of a little dance ditty, but one could also imagine baptisms and
communion as games by people who don't realize how loaded with importance
those are to some people). I think most of us seeing this together got
the point rather quickly.

This is not to downgrade the importance of listening nor of bringing the
_entire_ person to the workplace. I conjecture there are ways to do that
which don't make some people in our midst feel awfully uncomfortable in
the process.



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