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I'd like to suggest that all behavior is ultimately the result of our
beliefs. If the beliefs are changed, the behavior changes. I've developed
a process (the Decision Maker(R) Process) that enables people to find and
quickly eliminate the beliefs underlying any dysfunctional behaviors.
When the beliefs are gone, the behavior is also. Beliefs can be
eliminated in less than an hour. I've not only done this with over 1,000
individuals in private sessions, I've also worked with about 10,000
employees in over 30 companies to change employee behavior and corporate

Morty Lefkoe
For information about the Decision Maker(R) Institute and
my book, Re-Create Your Life: Transforming Yourself and
Your World, visit

> From: Michael A. Schwartz <>

> A 1-hour seminar on efective communication may be only 0.0002% of a
> 30-year-old's life but it is said (no reference available) that any habit
> can be changed in 1-3 weeks through a conscious effort to effect the
> change. Hence a 1-hour program could be very effective if it leads to
> that conscious effort to make the way a habit. Further I have personally
> been through a life-changing experiential program that was less than 3
> days in length. It was effective because it got to the emotions and
> created a paradigm shift that has been permanent. It is true that many
> brief learning programs will be useless unless followed up with conscious
> effort to incorporate the changes into our lives, but let us not write
> them off totally.


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