Self-Actualisation under capitalism LO14098

Mike Jay (
Thu, 26 Jun 97 06:20:24 UT

Replying to LO14086 --

"It is not a growth process in that you move from level to the next and
live your life there."


What I meant to say is similar to what you said. I think my feelings were
triggered by the constant oversimplification of the theory. I'm not
saying that we don't progress over time, yet even though we are living at
or near self-actualizing levels, there are those times when we worry about
"paying the light bills",,,for a time we regress to those basal levels of
needs where we are motivated to get out and bring in some revenue if
anything but to feed our lifestyle and reserves so we can spend more time
writing comments to lists like LO in order to access our "need" to nourish
our higher needs!<g>

I want to visit India someday. I met someone whose father is a Ford
dealer...<g> really!

Best wishes,



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