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Marilyn Darling asked, for her September presentation at the Systems
Thinking Conference: "If you have one or more examples of documented best
practices that you can share with us, please call or e-mail me at your
earliest convenience."

On this question of Best Practices, transfer and teams, I suggest people
contact Paul Garavaglia ( ) and offers a newsletter on
these issues. Paul's doing some great work on transfer and might be a
good resource for people on this.

I'll be doing a 2-hour experiential exercise session with my Square Wheels
at the conference with the goal of engaging people in a different thinking
framework when it comes to systems thinking, change and best practices.

You'll remember the basic metaphor of the wagon rolling on Square Wheels
with the round wheels already in the wagon. That's the metaphor I'll be
using to frame the need for objectivity and perspective -- "Don't just do
something, Stand There!"

My basic belief is that the round wheels already exist and they are
already IN the wagon / organization. Thus, best practices are there, but
we've got to stop pushing and pulling long enough to talk about and share
them in order to take advantage of the ideas and roll forward more
smoothly and quickly. Competitive advantage does not come from pulling
and pushing harder -- it comes from real improvement in how things are

I you would like a copy of the illustration to possibly include to make a
point, I'd be more than happy to send it along to you. (And that offer
also extends to any of the readers in the LO List, of course!),

For the FUN of It!

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