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Fri, 01 Aug 1997 21:51:38 -0600

Introduction and reply to LO14551

Hello! My name is Conrad Braun. I am a graduate student doing a PhD in
Educational Policy Studies with a focus on the learning community and
system dynamics modeling. My background is in technology and education so
my interests are quite varied.

In reflecting on the comments about teaching heart, I believe that not
only can we do this, but it is the sole way by which heart develops.
Furthermore, I believe that it is essential that it be done. Wherever it
is not in evidence in the behavior of a person, it is a sign of deep need.
My understanding of the learning community is that through the fostering
and nurturing of an environment of caring, trust and support among other
elements, much teaching and learning of heart occurs.

In reality, the level of functioning in this regard varies from one
organization to another. Wherever the need of a person exceeds the
ability of the group to provide for that need, a parting of ways is
inevitable. The question for me in such situations is whether or not the
decision is assessed in this way to determine if the group is refusing to
reach or whether it simply cannot hold the tension. In addition, the way
in which the parting occurs can be telling in terms of whether there is a
genuine effort made in whatever way possible to facilitate the meeting of
the needs of the person involved. Naturally acceptance of any such
attempt is the decision of the person departing.

Scott Peck says that life is difficult and the pain of such situations is
always present. I believe that peace with self and group can be found in
the way in which such difficulties and challenges are faced and handled.

Cheers, Conrad Braun


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