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Andrew Wong Hee Sing wrote:

> As a suggestion, Don't find a LO, I think there is none! But try to
> create one in your own sphere of influence / environment.

I humbly disagree with Andrew. The only environments, however, where I
have found anything resembling a learning organization have either been
academic (schools, associations, or research groups) or the small
start-ups associated with technology. These types of organizations might
be cellular telephone, satellites, computer industry, computer-design,
etc. The leadership tends to be very young and not bound by formal models
of business behavior (including continuous learning). One notable example
to this trend is Ben & Jerry's. Who woulda thunk ice cream could do this?
But as B&J proved, once you get too big to be successful AND eccentric,
you meld right into the mainstream of American Business practices.

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