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I would like to build on what Vana said in her message.

I make a similar distinction between development and training.
[development is similar to performance improvement in this context]
Training is the imparting of something.

I would always seek to get people to be able to continually learn from
'development'. We need to be able to re-use things and go beyond them all
the time.

THe skills that this requires a 'developer or performance improver' to
have are

- genuine desire to pass on your skills and knowledge to others
- awareness of different ways of learning
- great listening and questioning skills
- tolerance [could better be described as 'ability to work with'] of
differing personal styles
- great interest in the development of others
- a coach rather than an instructor.

As a footnote. I believe that we all need to be aware that we all
interpret words differently. I have just stated that I prefer to think of
myself as a developer and not a training. My description of developer
could be what someone else regards as training!!!

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