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Tue, 5 Aug 1997 09:58:07 +0000

A warm "Hello" from sunny Switzerland to all list members!

I am Simone Maier, a PhD student working on a research project on
inter-organizational learning processes towards sustainability in the
swiss nutrition sector. We will conduct case studies with several
organizations (not only, but mostly enterprises) cooperating in the
nutrition sector and try to elaborate what are their learning processes in
the cooperation and how they contribute to their becoming more

The topic which is most important to me right now is the question, how to
evaluate learning processes. Not only in general but more specificly,
regarding their contribution to driving the organization towards an
environmentally more sound behaviour. The tough thing about it is the
question, how to relate mental and organizational (structural and
behavioural) processes to material and energetical performance (as a first
element, later to be broadened to an overall "sustainability performance")

Any hints will be most welcome, either to the list or please e-mail me

The list-conversation has already been very interesting and I am looking
forward to more. :-)
Thanks for your attention.

Simone Maier

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