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>Date: Mon, 4 Aug 1997 09:54:43 -0400
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>Subject: RE: Punished by Rewards LO14533
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>In answer to the first question, I don't think my thinking has yet changed
>in any substantive way on the issues discussed in PBR (which was published,
>after all, less than 4 years ago). I've accumulated more evidence and
>stories for my presentations on the subject, but there's nothing in the
>book I feel compelled to rewrite at this point.
>The Mark White quotation strikes me as no different from umpteen other
>claims that people need extrinsic motivators (in this case, stock options)
>to do good things (in this case, become entrepreneurial).
>Finally, dealing with the corporate reward programs is a matter of working
>on two tracks at once: helping employees cope with, shrug off, and
>generally resist being damaged by such programs as long as these programs
>exist; and helping employees organize to demand that such programs be
>replaced with more equitable and democratic practices in the long run. The
>specific strategies for each approach will obviously vary depending on the
>circumstances and individuals at a given organization.
> -- A. Kohn

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