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The the following conversation on training evaluations was a part of a
C-SPAN program with Peter Drucker as the featured speaker.

After Drucker's presentation, Victor Millar, CEO of AT&T Solutions,
recounts a Drucker-Millar conversation on a new training program for AT&T

... begin dialog

Drucker: Do you ask the people at the end of each session what they think
of the subject matter?

Millar: Oh, yes. We do that. We seek their advice.

Drucker: Do you ever cange teh course material based upon what they say?

Millar: Oh, yes. We listen to our people and we respond to them.

Drucker: That's stupid! ... There is no way an individual being trained
can evaluate the relevance of the subject matter before they have
had an opportunity to apply it. ... What you really ought to do
is ask them when they come back to the next school " What they
thought of what they learned at the prior one.

End of dialog...

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