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> does anyone know of anything relating to workplace aesthetics? this could
> be both organisational and workplace design and surround, but also the
> cultural aesthetics/aesthetics of culture? e.g. aesthetically pleasing
> working environment - which has to include both physical things and
> emotional/psychological things too?

James Bullock mentioned:
> _Notes on the Synthesis of Form_ - Alexander (Can't recall the first
> name.)

The author is Christopher Alexander. The above is an early book of his.
I'd suggest you also check out his later books "The Timeless Way of
Building" and "A Pattern Language". (They form a two volume set.) "A
Pattern Language" includes in it workplace "patterns" that can be
considered and incorporated where useful in workplace design. Examples of
pattern titles are "Flexibile office space", "Communal Eating", "Small
Work Groups", "Reception Welcomes You", "A Place to Wait", "Small Meeting
Rooms", "Half-Private Office".

A third slender and lesser known volume of his is "The Oregon Experiment"
which includes further discussion about the design of the a campus for the
University of Oregon.

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