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Scott Ellliott (
Wed, 13 Aug 1997 20:49:29 -0700

Hello Friends,

I am very impressed by the diversity of jobs, nationalities, thought
processes, ideas, creativity and intellect represented in this discussion
group. I would like your help with ideas and thoughts and references
about my situation.

I would like to develop a better Learning Organization out of a group of
several hundred technical and management consultants who are completely
globally distributed (they live in 22 different time zones). Most of
these people work out of their homes or in small group offices, and even
then are not in their offices much because they are working directly on
site with customers. We are technologically up to date (e-mail, intranet,
voicemail, etc.), and the individuals are well trained in their
disciplines, but it is difficult and expensive to get many of us
physically together at any one time or place. Many languages are
represented, but at least we all speak English. How can we develop a
learning and improving community?

I have many ideas and some tools and programs under development, but I
would much appreciate your thoughts and comments.

Yours Very Appreciatively,
Scott Elliott
Consulting Practices Manager
Hewlett Packard Test and Measurement Organization or


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