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Bob Williams (
Tue, 19 Aug 1997 11:50:50 +1200

Hi all,

Some months ago, in a discussion about concepts of governance and
management, someone mentioned a newish model which have been developed
over the past year or so.

The analogy given was about gin and tonic (or it may have been vodka and
soda, or a Martini - but you get the drift).

In this model "management" was the component parts of the organisational
system. The junipers, water, alcohol, the quinine, and how they related
to each other. "Governance" was the zing; in effect the "emergent"
system. The point being that all of us in any organisation have a
"governance" role, and all of us have a "management" role.

This was a move away from Svara and Caver models of governance and
management which essentially perceive the two roles as opposite ends of a
duality, and essentially hierarchical.

Trouble is, I have completely lost my reference to the discussion. I have
searched my paper files and my electronic ones (a Martini search - is that
a first ?).

Has anyone got the vaguest notion what on earth I am talking about ?




"Only Connect"


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