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Gary M. Scherling (GScherling_GMS_TPN@compuserve.com)
Sun, 24 Aug 1997 17:37:26 -0400

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I have seen extensive posts on Unlearning on this list back in the late
winter of last year. Unlearning is a powerful concept, yet the question
still remains is this really unlearning, or is it learning a different

I am doing a lot of personal unlearning, yet it really becomes a manner of
learning new behaviours and new ways to listen and respond, recognizing
the old modes of doing things are no longer productive, valuable or

Unlearning is really just a way to recognize your behaviours and adapt new
more productive behaviours. The real challenge is the root of some of
these behaviours are buried so deep that it is impossible for some people
to adopt new ones without external counselling or help.

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