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Simon wrote

> As such, it surprises and worries me a little to so seldom see mention of
> the importance of UNLEARNING on posts to this list. Without it, effective
> personal and organizational transformation cannot take place successfully.
> In unstructured environments where managerial control and understanding is
> absent- attitude is paramount.
> Unlearning is a pre-requisite to progress and learning- "free your mind
> and the rest will follow", as the vast majority of people in South Africa
> will tell you!

The problem is a constant theme through the posts, I think. I am very
interested in this because of my interest in indoctrination.

Just speculating, I think that unlearning often requires learning,
particularly learning not to worry too much about fear and confusion, and
learning to step out of one's comfort zone. Thinking of your case, I also
think it probably involves learning how to look for help, to experiment
and seek out alternatives, when we are stumped. I thought of some of your
people who failed as sitting, facing the problem, and just not knowing
what to do. What "has to be unlearned" didn't need these things, or killed
them off.


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