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Ex Libris
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Ex Libris is a reader's club for organizational leaders who are interested
in coming together to examine and discuss current leadership and
organizational development issues. Each month a current book on
leadership and organizational development is selected for reading and a
one-hour telephone forum is held in which club members engage in
collective inquiry and discussion around key concepts and ideas as
presented by the author(s) of these selected texts. Reader forums are
held on the third Tuesday of each month.

The selected book for September is:

The Living Company:
Habits for Survival in a Turbulent Business Environment
by Arie de Geus
Harvard Business School Press
To order: 1-888-500-1016
Publication Date: May 12, 1997
$24.95; 223 pp; ISBN: 0-87584-782-X

The September Reader's Forum will be held Tuesday, September 16th from
1:00-2:00 EST.

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September 1997

In his book, The Living Company: Habits for Survival In A Turbulent
Business Environment by Arie de Geus argues that human beings have learned
to survive, on average, for 75 years or more. Yet the average life
expectancy for companies, regardless of size, is only 12.5 years. Even
very large corporations suffer surprisingly high mortality rates - a full
one third of the companies listed in the 1970 Fortune 500 had vanished by
1983-acquired, merged, or broken to pieces.


In The Living Company: Habits for Survival in a Turbulent Business
Environment, Arie de Geus suggests that most corporations fail because
managers are too narrowly focused on the economic activity of producing
goods and services--forgetting that their organization's true nature is
that of a community of humans.

In The Living Company, de Geus draws from his almost 40 years of
experience working at Royal Dutch/Shell, and from the remarkable stories
of companies that have literally survived centuries of change--such as:

7 the 700-year-old Stora Company
7 the 400-year-old Sumitomo
7 the 200-year-old Du Pont

in order to reveal four special qualities that enable some companies to
live longer and reach their full potential.

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