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Tue, 26 Aug 97 15:07:37 UT

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Some more thoughts on senior employees...

The first year I consulted (in organization development) in a large
corporation, about 30 senior employees expressed concerns about being
unable to share their organizational and functional knowledge with newer
employees. Time and again, the company "sidelined" these star players,
giving them entry level work to do.

What they asked for was simply an opportunity and a forum to share what
they knew to ensure that their knowledge stayed with the company. At that
time, the executive team supported mentorship between these senior starts
and the newer employees.

The greatest value to the organization may have been the surge of energy
and commitment from these seasoned players who felt like they were making
a difference and contributing to the organization's future.

People want to make a difference; they want to add value. When they do,
it helps the full organization.

Brigid Bechtold


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