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Hello Jack

I would love a copy of the article you mentioned by Jack Phillips. Does it
outline the Performance System you adopted? Interesting that although the
system was liked, implemented ( by 88% in modified format) and had huge
ROI only a small number actually implemented it the way you designed it!
Imagine if everyone had? I did not find this a 'negative finding', but a
creative response your your efforts. Perhaps if the 88% had not been free
to implement according to their 'likes' the ROI would have suffered. Then
again we don't know what would have happened if they all implemented it
exactly as designed -?

I found your discussion and Jonathon's very useful. Currently I am
conducting a middle - senior management development program (involving 40
managers) and am using mentoring and action learning as two of the
vehicles for improvement. In our discussions we have made links between
the mentoring process and performance appraisal and wondering what the
links are and how work can be restructured to improve performance and
productivity. Any further tips would be appreciated.


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