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>Sorry, I should have asked with the original msg... Can anyone provide a
>translation of this into English? Thanks. Just reply to this msg.
>We're all waiting to hear what "Vivencial technique" is!

I'll give it a try:

"Hi Roberto

...snip... As I said
before, I am planning training programs for team building and management
development. I don't have much experience with behavioral contents (sic,
?), but believe that "metodos vivenciais" (my preferred translation would
be experiential learning, i.e. things like role playing, outward bound type
of programs, simulations, etc.) are the most effective learning method.
What I call "metodos vivenciais" are methodologies with practical
activities aimed at facilitating the development of skills.
I am looking forward to exchanging ideas with you.


P.S.: I hope you speak portuguese."

The italians say "tradutore, traditore" ("translator, traitor"). I hope
not to have fallen prey of this curse.


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[Host's Note: Thanks... Ahh! Vivencial Technique = Experiential Leanring!]

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