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Phillip Tencer (patencer@eastman.com)
Fri, 3 Oct 1997 13:14:15 -0500

Replying to LO15181 --

With only part of my tongue in my cheek...

Pick any 4-5 day conference, but instead of attending the sessions, have
him work as a busboy or in one of the kitchens. Perhaps experiencing life
on the other end of the corporate ladder will provide more enlightenment
than any inspirational speaker.

>From: Roxanne Abbas [SMTP:rabbas@comp-web.com]
>I am working with a company that is striving to make a culture shift in
>conjunction with a total quality initiative. The CEO is aware that he is
>stuck in an outdated mental model related to his view of the role of
>management vs. workers and he is looking for an executive development
>experience that would help him understand and appreciate the benefits of
>employee involvement and empowerment. He seems to have a deep conviction
>that blue collar workers want to work as little as possible for as much
>pay as possible. He doesn't trust them or believe that they care about
>the organization, so why would he give them any power. He dosn't talk
>with the people and is not open to coaching but is eager to go to an 4-5
>day executive development course. Any recommendations?


Phillip Tencer <patencer@eastman.com>

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