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"My fundamental unease is that I do not view organizations as permanent
structures and they are certainly no longer places of permanent
employment. This is why I claimed that we should look to families first as
the providers of healthy, pro-social behaviors and values. Families of
course are not permanent to a far enough extent, but they strike me as
more reliable, and certainly have more potential for reliability, than
commercial organizations. Commercial organizations are very vulnerable to
market forces which can cause lay-offs and even complete shutdowns. What
happens to the person who could only find "home" at work when work lays
him/her off? Is there truly a humane way to ever do this?"

I appreciate the more eloquent responses about community and leadership.
i will add, late again, that it appears the initial thread may have been
lost. Ben started this with his families abandonment an seeking Personal
Mastery at work. This is a truly sad reality and not a particularly
strong testament to the family values needed for the growth Duru suggests
families are a more reliable source for.

Alas, it appears there are no reliable sources, excepting ourselves. And
the abuse in the family is more terrifying in that it reduces the
likelihood of the Individual reaching out and connecting with the outside
world - finding himself/herself in that connection.



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