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Fri, 17 Oct 1997 20:53:53 -0700

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Neil Kelly wrote:
> I'm currently evaluating a nine point model of development called
> the enneagram. I notice some discussion about this in the archives.
> If anyone is currently using it, or attempted to use it or another
> holistic mental model, please let me know what questions, comments and
> criticisms it raised for you.

Neil--not a direct response, except to say that I've begun using
enneagrams for a few of my learnshop sessions. I found a great deal of
info on the web, using metacrawler. <>

I'll post some of the sites I found more interesting for you here--but
these are just a few that I found.

hope this helps a little--I think your idea is an interesting one (and
that someone on this list has a better response than mine)



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